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Thing A Day No. 13: Story Painters

Soooo… yeah. I’m behind on my Thing A Day Challenge. About a week behind. But I’ve been on enough diets to know that when you fall off program, you don’t dwell on it, you just get back on. Failure is inevitable; what matters is how you respond to it, right? So, I’m just going to keep right on trucking…

I decided to visit a local art gallery over my lunch break today.  I typically see the exhibits at Bedford Gallery when I’m already at the Lesher Center for a performance. (There are three theater spaces in the same complex, and if you have a ticket for one of the performances that day, you can get into the gallery for free. It’s a good way to spend the pre-show minutes.) But I wasn’t sure I’d catch this one before it closed. So, for “thing” number thirteen, I viewed the Story Painters exhibit. It showcased three Bay Area artists who take a story-telling approach to their work: Squeak Carnwath, Hung Liu, and Inez Storer. Liu’s work seemed to not fit in with the other two. Her paintings focusing on the Chinese revolution were beautifully crafted portraits—thick paint strokes and realistic-looking figures. Carnwath (whose painting Attempting is pictured above) and Storer used a lot of mixed media and handwritten messages. It was like two different exhibits, but I liked it all.  I was amused to see The Little Webster, a miniature dictionary, in one of Storer’s shadowboxes. It’s about two inches tall and a half-inch wide, and I used to have one. While hers is vintage, I recall begging my parents for one from the Scholasitc book order in elementary school. Hehehe. Carnwath’s paintings were intriguing—simple shapes and messy handwriting that evoked a childlike feel. Indeed, one posted article said, “She often uses a fragile alter-ego in the form of an innocent bunny rabbit.” In addition to the artwork, each artist had sketchbooks, supplies, and inspiration pieces in glass cases. It was a nice peek into the artistic process.

Anyway, it was a good lunch. I’ll have to do it again—and I really want to get back into painting now!

***UPDATE: You know what? I did do something creative on Wednesday. It was free burrito day at Baja Fresh, and in order to redeem the offer, you had to become a fan of the company on Facebook, print the coupon, buy a large soda, and wear green. However, despite it being St. Patrick’s Day, I was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. No problem. Nothing a green file folder, a pair of scissors, and Scotch tape couldn’t fix! I fashioned myself a shamrock “pin” and scored myself a free Baja Burrito.


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If there is one area of art I have never tried—nor been tempted to—it is anything having to do with wood or metal and serious tools. I am such a wuss. But, boy am I in love with the work of Cal Lane. With a torch, the New York–based artist/welder takes objects that are ordinarily nothing to look at—wheelbarrows, shovels, dumpsters—and turns them into the equivalent of delicate lace.  It’s simultaneously masculine and feminine—and simply stunning. (Via Keri Luiz)

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I’m introducing a new daily feature on Art. Faith. Love.: the daily inspiration. It’s a mechanism to get me posting more often—and it’s also a great way to share various Internet finds with you.  These will mostly be photos of something creative that caught my eye, made me smile, or inspired me to get creative that day, with links pointing you toward more. (So you get less of me telling you why each is so special, and more of you experiencing the work yourself.)

First up is this wall art from Kelly Rae Roberts, called “Free,” which I just hung above my desk in my new craft/work space (photos to come). I love the images of women and butterflies and angels in her colorful mixed media work, her adorable blog, and I currently have her book Taking Flight on hold at Barnes & Noble.  Looking forward to reading it!

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