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Sigh… my first major Thing A Day fail. I was bound to have one of those, right!?  I’ve seen several bottlecap magnet tutorials recently, and I’ve been wanting to try it out.  While some tutorials call for a dimensial adhesive, such as JudiKins Diamond Gloss or Ranger Glossy Accents, I used Martha Stewart’s and the suggested clear casting resin.  I’ve never worked with resin before.  It’s like a very smelly chemistry experiment.  For the first couple bottlecaps, I didn’t seal the paper well enough (I used packing tape), nor did I glue it down.  So the resin soaked into and discolored the edges of the paper and the paper kept floating up to the top.  I had to push it back down with a toothpick a couple times and then blow away the bubbles.  (You’re supposed to use a heat gun, but breath does the trick, too—as long as you don’t inhale near the resin!)  A magnet from that batch is on the right.  For the second try, I sealed the paper with three coats of Mod Podge and glued it down, which worked well.  However, for some reason, the resin became cloudy.  A magnet from that batch is on the left.  Maybe I didn’t mix the resin correctly?  Not sure.  I’d like to perfect this process, because I think it’s a cute idea, with so many possibilities.


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What I’ve enjoyed on the Internet this past week…

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It’s obvious I’m really getting into this Challenge, as my projects keep getting more involved. My “thing” number twenty-six, a fabric wreath, was more messy than the burlap wreath and more time-consuming than the Peeps bunting. I followed Moda Bakeshop’s tutorial and used the Harmony honey bun by Jan Patek.

It took one evening to cut all the strips and three more to do the tying. For such a simple concept, it takes quite a lot of time to create! I love how it turned out, though. Very shabby chic. While the honey bun offers ready-made consistency in the size and colors of the fabric strips, this project could easily be done with mismatching scrap fabrics and ribbon for a fun eco-chic wreath.

My mom and sister (Erin) are working on fabric wreaths of their own. I’m excited to see how theirs turn out, and hopefully I can share them here, too.

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Now that I’ve made a felt flower, I couldn’t resist making a paper flower for “thing” number eight.  Flowers, flowers, all kinds of flowers!  I modeled this off the newspaper flower I saw on the DCWV Diary blog, though I used magazine pages and cut the petals freehand.  It was super easy to make and looks quite cute.  I could see this embellishing a greeting card, or a series of them decorating the corner of a bulletin board.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying much attention to the stories behind the magazine pages I was cutting and totally maimed an article I hadn’t yet read.  Um, VIA, I’ll have to catch your Hollywood article online later…

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If there is one area of art I have never tried—nor been tempted to—it is anything having to do with wood or metal and serious tools. I am such a wuss. But, boy am I in love with the work of Cal Lane. With a torch, the New York–based artist/welder takes objects that are ordinarily nothing to look at—wheelbarrows, shovels, dumpsters—and turns them into the equivalent of delicate lace.  It’s simultaneously masculine and feminine—and simply stunning. (Via Keri Luiz)

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One Cute Onesie

OnesieAnother kid-themed post! What did I tell you? Well, today, my coworker Roger returned to the magazine after spending time with his brand-new baby. In his absence, we pooled our money to purchase a gift that included two onesies from an Oakland designer he loves, Jasper Hearts Wren.

Actually, Jasper and Wren are the names of two kiddos, and it’s their moms, Heather Jennings and Lisa Schwartz, who are the geniouses behind these übercute designs. The washable felt images—fashioned into birdies, rockets, robots, and popsicles—are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? They also sell hoodies, jumpers, and tanks—even hipster headbands for moms. Check ’em out.

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Lasertron1While doing some aimless Internet browsing (where do the hours go!?), I stumbed across the most glorious thing: vintage felt and button bouquets by Princess Lasertron.  Love, love, love these!  If only I had discovered them a year ago, I would have used them in my wedding.

Megan Hunt of Omaha, Nebraska, is the artist behind these beauties.  She uses wool felt, vintage fabric, and antique buttons and jewelry, then adds sweet embroidered details.  Going beyond wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, she also creates notebook covers, hair accessories, and button-flower arrangements.

Plus, her blog is a must-read.  She writes about her work in progress, posts professional photos of the weddings that incorporated her work (check ouLasertron2t this colorful and fun Alice in Wonderland–themed wedding!), and shares photos and anecdotes about life with her husband and cat.  It all has personality and loads of style.

I am SO hunting down my embroidery hoop and floss, which I know is buried somewhere in a storage locker.  I’ve only really used the supplies for friendship bracelets and quilt squares, and maybe a stuffie or two in school or Girl Scouts.  I had no idea embroidery could be this incredible, and I’m inspired to try something new.

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