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For “thing” number fourteen, I followed LollyChop’s video tutorial on how to make delicate little paper flowers. (Her blog is packed with dozens of übercool craft ideas, so check it out.) I absolutely love how these look! And they’re really easy to make. I used patterned scrapbook paper for three of the flowers, and solid red cardstock for the fourth. All you do is cut (freehand) a swirly shape out of a circle, and then wind it up tight with tweezers, leaving a small base at the end for adhering all the layers. Lolly suggested Zots clear adhesive dots, which I’ve never used before. They’re great—incredibly sticky and strong. Seriously, I wouldn’t try sticking one to your skin. The leaves are cut from a linen-textured cardstock, and I added little ribbon curls to amp up the “cute” factor.

The whitewashed wooden frame is a cheap, $1 guy from JoAnne Fabrics & Crafts. The dowel it came with for support is about twice as big as the hole it’s supposed to go in. Hehe… oops. But that’s okay. I think this frame would be better hanging on a wall with red ribbon (maybe with white polka dots) stapled to the back and tied in a bow.

I love, love, love these little flowers. I want to put them on everything!


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Now that I’ve made a felt flower, I couldn’t resist making a paper flower for “thing” number eight.  Flowers, flowers, all kinds of flowers!  I modeled this off the newspaper flower I saw on the DCWV Diary blog, though I used magazine pages and cut the petals freehand.  It was super easy to make and looks quite cute.  I could see this embellishing a greeting card, or a series of them decorating the corner of a bulletin board.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying much attention to the stories behind the magazine pages I was cutting and totally maimed an article I hadn’t yet read.  Um, VIA, I’ll have to catch your Hollywood article online later…

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I tried channeling Princess Lasertron for “thing” number six.  Tried. Hehehe.  Not only is she working with much higher quality supplies, but the woman is a machine—I have no idea how she whips up so many perfect little stitches!  Mine are so clumsy.  But I had fun creating this happy flower.  I’d like to experiment with creating more felt flowers and sewing them onto canvas for some kind of mixed media garden piece.

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I’m cheating a little bit with “thing” number four. I was at a convention all day yesterday and managed to develop a migraine by early evening.  (It was a great convention, with Lisa Ling as the keynote speaker.  Don’t know what causes evil migraines.  Something I ate?)  As soon as I got home, I crashed into bed and essentially slept through to the next morning.  About 13 hours of sleep.  Needless to say, I didn’t really get a chance to be creative.  So, instead, I will post a photo I took the day before.  It was an absolutely perfect Sunday in the Bay Area, sunny and clear.  My daffodils were open and looking beautiful on the window sill.  I just had to capture the moment.  And it reminded me of the deleted verse of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  It was cut from The Wizard of Oz but appears in Jewel’s recent recording of the song, which has been in heavy rotation on my iPod over the past year or so.  Being a laughing daffodil—doesn’t that sound lovely?

Someday I’ll wake and rub my eyes
And in that land beyond the skies,
You’ll find me.
I’ll be a laughing daffodil
And leave the silly cares that fill
My mind behind me.

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Beautiful Buttons

I’m kind of obsessing over buttons right now. Here are some of my favorite web finds. Top row: Button pillow by All Things White, and a buttoned-up flower vase cover via Design*Sponge.  Middle row: Button-embellished pillow boxes and gift tags by Made by Jackie, and a wool felt journal cover with vintage button flowers by the brilliant Princess Lasertron. Bottom row: Silk-screened kitty pillow with button eyes (how Coraline-esque!) by Naked Decor, and a tweed button hat from cool clothes heaven, Anthropologie.

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So sorry for going AWOL there! I’ve been dealing with kidney stones this week—missing work, downing pain meds, and watching way too many episodes of Gilmore Girls. While the pain persists, I am trying to get back into a normal routine. Another day on the couch and I’ll lose my mind! Anyway, onto today’s inspiration…

Flowers are always beautiful, but I am in love with the creativity of these arrangements by Bornay, based in Barcelona, Spain (via Oh Joy on Twitter). The vessels, the photo settings—so unique and stunning.

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Lasertron1While doing some aimless Internet browsing (where do the hours go!?), I stumbed across the most glorious thing: vintage felt and button bouquets by Princess Lasertron.  Love, love, love these!  If only I had discovered them a year ago, I would have used them in my wedding.

Megan Hunt of Omaha, Nebraska, is the artist behind these beauties.  She uses wool felt, vintage fabric, and antique buttons and jewelry, then adds sweet embroidered details.  Going beyond wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, she also creates notebook covers, hair accessories, and button-flower arrangements.

Plus, her blog is a must-read.  She writes about her work in progress, posts professional photos of the weddings that incorporated her work (check ouLasertron2t this colorful and fun Alice in Wonderland–themed wedding!), and shares photos and anecdotes about life with her husband and cat.  It all has personality and loads of style.

I am SO hunting down my embroidery hoop and floss, which I know is buried somewhere in a storage locker.  I’ve only really used the supplies for friendship bracelets and quilt squares, and maybe a stuffie or two in school or Girl Scouts.  I had no idea embroidery could be this incredible, and I’m inspired to try something new.

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