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For “thing” number twenty-eight, I made this cute stuffie, whom I’m calling Grayscale Monster.  I’ve seen various stuffed monsters on Etsy and craft blogs, but the design of this one is purely out of my head.  Designing a monster is pretty easy—you can use any shape or color or embellishment and it works because it’s a monster, and there are no rules about what a monster must look like.  And, seriously, the sillier the better.  I like that.

I tried out some new embroidery stitches (btw, I’m really, really, really enjoying embroidery these days) and paired a new button with a recycled one. The plain black button is an extra that came with a peacoat I purchased several years ago.  The ribbon isn’t terribly secure—observe Nomnom kitty in nomnoming mode—so I’ll need to work on that, should I decide to make/sell stuffies in the future.  But I just love it.  Grayscale Monster isn’t very scary.  He’s really a sweetie at heart—and kind of scared of you.


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MonkeyCollageWhen there is an abnormally long lull in a conversation, I say “monkeys.” It’s strange, I know, and I don’t remember how the habit started. But it works. There’s something silly and fun about monkeys, and even the name can make someone smile.

I have a small collection of sock monkey stuff. It started in childhood, when I kept my mom’s sock monkey with me at night, and feeling nostalgic, I’ve purchased a few other sock monkey items over the years. A couple months ago, I found this lunchbox at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. And I’ve also noticed that my love for primates is broadening (beyond the sock variety).

There is a plethora of cute monkey stuff on Etsy right now. “Citefuzz,” creator of this yarn cap, proclaims, “Who can resist a baby with monkey ears?” So true. That photo is seriously heart-melting. I’ve already sent it to my husband, informing him that we’ll be dressing our future children like this. The creator of this adorable monkey pencil cup, “MonkeyTravelClub,” also makes drink sleeves and coffee cozys, bookmarks, purses, and “gadget” monkeys that will protect and cute-ify everything from an iPod to a Blackberry. This little monkey necklace by “Marmar”… how many times can I use “cute” in one blog? Because it’s cute! Beware: If you’re an animal lover, don’t click through to the rest of her shop. You’ll want to buy everything. And, lastly, every group of monkey-like children should have this vinyl wall decal by “LeenTheGraphicsQueen” to remind them of what the doctor said.


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One Cute Onesie

OnesieAnother kid-themed post! What did I tell you? Well, today, my coworker Roger returned to the magazine after spending time with his brand-new baby. In his absence, we pooled our money to purchase a gift that included two onesies from an Oakland designer he loves, Jasper Hearts Wren.

Actually, Jasper and Wren are the names of two kiddos, and it’s their moms, Heather Jennings and Lisa Schwartz, who are the geniouses behind these übercute designs. The washable felt images—fashioned into birdies, rockets, robots, and popsicles—are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? They also sell hoodies, jumpers, and tanks—even hipster headbands for moms. Check ’em out.

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I Want To Be This Mom.

artfightKids.  I can’t get away from them.  So many of my friends are having them.  Other friends who are teachers are headed back to the classroom to teach them.  I just turned 30 and moved into a three-bedroom condo, and understandably, there seems to be an increased frequency in people asking me if and when I’m going to have them…  Okay, it’s not like I’m actually trying to get away from kids.  But for someone who wants to wait a couple more years before having them, I sure have been pondering the concept of parenthood a lot lately!

Today, I came across the best mommy blog ever.  Pamela, of In My Shoes, has to be one of the most creative parents on the planet.  She actually plans themed days and weeks, where all of the fun and educational activities she does with her three young kids focuses on one subject—a person, a place, a holiday, etc.  I flipped through several pages of posts in awe.  The photo above was an Art Friday inspired by Jackson Pollock, the kids dousing each other in a mix of washable paint and water (soooo fun!).  And there was Outer Space Week, with her kids waking up to find a stuffed alien in one of their rooms, then spending the week learning about the planets, going to a planetarium, launching toy rockets, and concluding with homemade spacesuit costumes and astronaut ice cream.  And Egyptian Day with sugar cube pyramids and toilet paper mummification.  They even have occasional Family Art Shows.

I have no idea where this woman finds the energy, but boy does she make motherhood look FUN!

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Back to School

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” —Joe Fox in You’ve Got Mail

The start of the school year was always my favorite time. That meant my mom would take me and my siblings out shopping for school supplies!  I’d roam the aisles of McWhorter’s, eyes wide as I took in the rows of markers, glue, colorful notebooks, backpacks, and so many things I didn’t need but had to have—like those ball-point pens that had 10 different colors of ink you could switch between.  Love.lunchbox-shark

I’m always amazed at the new school supplies that come out each year. Kids today have such variety—and can really express their personality through it all.  (I had to add patches to my plain Jansport backpack and doodle on my homemade book covers.)  Check out this face-meltingly adorable insulated lunch box from Dante Beatrix!  If only I could go back in time to first grade and proudly carry it to school!

What were some of your favorite back-to-school goodies?

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