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I’m changing “Link Lot” to “Friday Finds.” (I apparently love alliteration.) And I’ll be expanding on the links round-up, adding more photos and slightly longer descriptions.  I hope you’ll enjoy the Internet finds that have made me smile, laugh, cry, cheer, and otherwise be inspired this past week…

1. This new “Black Label” collection by Ban.do is gorgeous, but wow, do these photos add something! That hair is to die for. And the model is Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy, which is one of my favorites. This really can’t get any better. [Photo layout via Oh Joy!]

2. Cartoonist James Sturm is quitting the Internet (and blogging about it, ironically). Catch his bi-weekly installments of words and pictures on Slate.

3. Patchwork pillow lust. Must have this. Made by The Sometimes Crafter.

4. Author Donald Miller asks, “What If?” The same question novelists ask of their characters when writing a story is the most important question you should ask yourself in writing your life story. Do it.

5. Nomnomnom. Actually, I might not be able to eat cookies this cute. The little white nonpareils send me over the edge. [Via Oh Happy Day]

6. Imagine The Matrix with Will Smith as Neo. Now go see what the movie poster would have looked like, along with many more posters of movies as they were originally cast at MovieFone. [Via PopEater.]

7. Ever heard of anyone knitting graffiti? To promote Art Week Austin, the Knitta Please crew is yarnbombing light posts, street signs, and businesses. I love this lamppost in pink and green argyle.

8. The future is here, and it includes sewing machines that match thread to your fabric. Seriously. The technology combines white thread with CMYK color processing. Sweet, right!? [Via Craftzine]

9. I was heartbroken this week to learn of the death of Alicia Parlette, the 28-year-old copyeditor at the San Francisco Chronicle that had bravely blogged her journey living with a rare form of cancer. In an early post, she wrote: “If I get through this, this story will help me remember the important moments along the way, the details, the dizzying emotions. And, in the worst of all circumstances, if I go through this life-changing ordeal and my body just wears out and I die, I will die a writer. The one thing I’ve always wanted to be.” Alicia, you were a beautiful writer and a lovely person. Thank you for sharing your story.

10. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a million times already, but I love looking at wedding blogs. They’re always packed with beautiful photographs, stunning dresses, creative decor ideas, etc. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, I highly recommend hitting the wedding blogrolls. Anyway, I adore this rustic Washington wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. A barn, homemade jam, and loads of DIY touches… wish I could have been there.


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Following a week of rain, we had the most beautiful weekend in the Bay Area. Today after church and lunch, Paul and I went for a walk around our neighborhood.  It’s a new community, so there are many dead-end streets, empty lots, and current construction.  But the developments that are complete (or partially complete) are quite lovely, designed to resemble Italy, Spain, Cape Cod, etc.  There are new parks, sculptures, bridges, fountains, playgrounds, and dog runs.  We explored for hours, stopping for every open house and every model in the new home sales offices.  And we stopped to take in all the colorful flowers in bloom—budding trees and fields of yellow.  I didn’t have my camera on me, but Paul had his iPhone.  So, I snapped a bunch of outdoor photos for “thing” number twelve.  Can I just say: The iPhone takes way better photos than my digital camera.  What’s up with that?  It’s a phone.  It shouldn’t take better photos than my camera.  A new digital SLR is on my wish list (along with a new computer, Adobe CS4, an iPad, a Wacom tablet, etc., etc., etc…).  Anyway, it appears as though spring is finally near.

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I’m cheating a little bit with “thing” number four. I was at a convention all day yesterday and managed to develop a migraine by early evening.  (It was a great convention, with Lisa Ling as the keynote speaker.  Don’t know what causes evil migraines.  Something I ate?)  As soon as I got home, I crashed into bed and essentially slept through to the next morning.  About 13 hours of sleep.  Needless to say, I didn’t really get a chance to be creative.  So, instead, I will post a photo I took the day before.  It was an absolutely perfect Sunday in the Bay Area, sunny and clear.  My daffodils were open and looking beautiful on the window sill.  I just had to capture the moment.  And it reminded me of the deleted verse of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  It was cut from The Wizard of Oz but appears in Jewel’s recent recording of the song, which has been in heavy rotation on my iPod over the past year or so.  Being a laughing daffodil—doesn’t that sound lovely?

Someday I’ll wake and rub my eyes
And in that land beyond the skies,
You’ll find me.
I’ll be a laughing daffodil
And leave the silly cares that fill
My mind behind me.

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Well, I didn’t want Nomnom to feel left out, so my “thing” number three is a digi-scrapbook page for Pepper’s sister and litter-mate, the ever-nomnoming Nomnom.  I had a lot of fun creating this page, because I played with some new dynamic brushes I had just purchased to use with Photoshop. One creates a bunch of different types of stitches, and the other creates a frayed fabric look (the green behind the lettering).  I’m not totally happy with how the text at the top turned out—I’d play with adjustments all day, if I could—but it was a fun experiment, and I learned a lot.

For this page, I used Shabby Princess’ “Dinner Party” and “Urban Kiwi” paper, and “Clementine” ric-rac and buttons. Dynamic brushes “Frayed Edges” and “Basic Stitch” as well as the “Lifted Photos 2” template are from ScrapGirls. Fonts are “Doodling” from Creating Keepsakes, and “Abadi.”

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I woke up thinking about “thing” number two, so I dragged myself out of bed at 9 a.m. and got to work. It took about an hour to put together this digital scrapbook page about one of our kittens, Pepper.  I am still trying to re-learn Photoshop, so there are some elements that I couldn’t quite get working as I wanted. (Why would the photo still be lifting off the page, if there is twine weighing down the corner! Hehehe.) But, this is only my third digi-scrapbooking layout, and I’m getting more savvy with each one. I should be back up to my circa 2002 graphic designer skill in no time.

For this page, I used ScrapGirls’ “Inspired” embellishments for the alphas, ribbon, twine, and tag; “Lifted Photos – Weathered” for the photo frame; and Hen Hand font. The brown paper is Shabby Princess’ “Happy Go Lucky,” and the harlequin paper is “Shabby Fall.”

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Bay Area–based photographer Jennifer Chaney braved mosquitos and a forecast of hail and wind to shoot her cousin’s wedding on Minnesota’s 10-Mile Lake.  Thankfully, the worst of the weather was overcast skies and light rain, allowing Jennifer to photograph the couple on and around the lake (plan B was inside a garage!).  I am so in love with this shot of them in a canoe—so much so I’m considering a lake-centric vow renewal in the future.  The rest of the photos are equally stunning; check them out here.

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Uberhip local (East Bay, Cali) clothing store and website, Thriving Ink, teamed up with Wente Vineyards and acoustic rocker Megan Slankard for a party last week. And while I couldn’t make it, I loved browsing through Brian Wong’s Flickr gallery of photo booth-style shots from the night, complete with faux moustaches, plastic swords, and Harry Potter scarves. What fun!

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