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I’ve been meaning to redesign my blog header. While I like the current one, it’s a little too light and cutesy. At the same time, I’ve been wanting to personalize and broaden the content a little more. Ultimately, I’d like this to be more of a personal blog that covers my life and a variety of topics but with a heavy emphasis on creativity.  Setting that tone in the header is important to me.

So, for “thing” number twenty-two, I gave it a shot. From the get-go, I felt “LeeAnne’s Life” would be too cliché and cheesy, but I thought it might work with a bunch of rambling text between the words describing my life.  But… it’s still feeling cliché and cheesy to me.  I’m going to have to come up with something better.  The design, however, I’m digging.  For all the paper and embellishments, I used the “Clementine” digital kit from Shabby Princess, which is my favorite digi-scrapbooking purchase to date.  The fonts are Jot (for “Art. Faith. Love.”), a Friday freebie from Creating Keepsakes, and Monique (the rambling text), from ScrapGirls.

So, first attempt complete.  Now, back to the drawing board.


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I hit up the Scrapbook Expo at the Alameda County Fairgrounds today. Clearly, this should count for “thing” number fifteen. Here’s what it’s all about: All the major scrapbook product makers (from Cricut and Sizzix to Close to My Heart and Stamp It Up), specialty goods folks (ribbon wholesalers, laser-cut paper makers), and local scrapbook supply stores set up booths in a big exhibit hall. And in neighboring exhibit halls, there are demonstrations, workshops, and crop sessions going on all weekend.

I arrived after lunch, and it was crazy. There were so people checking out the vendor booths, I’m sure we broke fire code. It was often hard to see the products, because people were three-deep in front of the displays. Register lines snaked through thorough fares. It was nutty. But I have to say, I wanted to buy everything. Everything. It was paper-craft overload, and I liked it. Pretty much the only thing that saved me was constantly reminding myself that I’m pursuing digital scrapbooking right now, so anything purchased would be for card making and shadowbox displays. So, here’s my loot:

  • Dancing Mums scrapbooking tote by K&Company. It’s got two big compartments and a bunch of little pockets, and it’s padded throughout. I am sooooo looking forward to using this instead of my Creative Memories bag that weighs 100 pounds and doesn’t have wheels. Now I just have to plan ahead for the next family craft night and only bring supplies for the projects I’m working on.
  • A Photo Tray from 7Gypsies. It’s a wooden tray with six little compartments for photos and embellishments, and a hook for hanging. It’s like scrapbooking for your wall!
  • The Lemongrass Collection, with paper, embellishments, and stickers by Crate Paper. (It’s got squirrels!)
  • Glittery peach chipboard Thickers from American Crafts. These look great with the Lemongrass Collection.
  • A 12×12 Swirl overlay by E-Z Laser Designs. (I was actually returning something to this booth for my mom, who went the day before. She let me pick out something for myself in exchange. How cool is she?)
  • Pearl-colored Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels.  This was recommended in the video tutorial for “thing” number fourteen. There were so many colors to choose from, so I thought this would be most versatile.
  • Self-adhesive rhinestones and pearls, and two beautiful wire and fabric butterflies from Want2Scrap.

Lastly, I overheard a woman say to her husband, “You must feel right now like I do at the car shows.” Hehehe.

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I did some serious speed-scrappin’ for “thing” number seven.  The frame around the photo is premade.  I know, I know, what in the world did I actually do, then?  I opened Photoshop and placed a few things.  I used the eraser tool.  I did what I could on a busy Friday night.  But, hey, it’s lovely, isn’t it?  And, I finished a week of my Thing A Day Challenge.  Yaaaaahooooooo!

For this page, I used ScrapGirls’ “Bee’s Knees” paper, frames, word art, and embellishments. Font is Monique, also from ScrapGirls.

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Well, I didn’t want Nomnom to feel left out, so my “thing” number three is a digi-scrapbook page for Pepper’s sister and litter-mate, the ever-nomnoming Nomnom.  I had a lot of fun creating this page, because I played with some new dynamic brushes I had just purchased to use with Photoshop. One creates a bunch of different types of stitches, and the other creates a frayed fabric look (the green behind the lettering).  I’m not totally happy with how the text at the top turned out—I’d play with adjustments all day, if I could—but it was a fun experiment, and I learned a lot.

For this page, I used Shabby Princess’ “Dinner Party” and “Urban Kiwi” paper, and “Clementine” ric-rac and buttons. Dynamic brushes “Frayed Edges” and “Basic Stitch” as well as the “Lifted Photos 2” template are from ScrapGirls. Fonts are “Doodling” from Creating Keepsakes, and “Abadi.”

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I woke up thinking about “thing” number two, so I dragged myself out of bed at 9 a.m. and got to work. It took about an hour to put together this digital scrapbook page about one of our kittens, Pepper.  I am still trying to re-learn Photoshop, so there are some elements that I couldn’t quite get working as I wanted. (Why would the photo still be lifting off the page, if there is twine weighing down the corner! Hehehe.) But, this is only my third digi-scrapbooking layout, and I’m getting more savvy with each one. I should be back up to my circa 2002 graphic designer skill in no time.

For this page, I used ScrapGirls’ “Inspired” embellishments for the alphas, ribbon, twine, and tag; “Lifted Photos – Weathered” for the photo frame; and Hen Hand font. The brown paper is Shabby Princess’ “Happy Go Lucky,” and the harlequin paper is “Shabby Fall.”

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Happy New Year!

Check out my new desktop image!  I love it!  It’s the latest free wallpaper download from Creative Chaos, the blog of digital scrapbooking site Shabby Princess. You pull it into Photoshop, add your own images and text—and ta-da!—a supercute computer desktop that looks like a beautiful scrapbook page.

A few months ago, I was admiring the work of a high school friend, Sara, who had posted her digi pages on Facebook. I was blown away by how real all the embellishments looked—the ribbon, the paper tears, the buttons.  Even though I have a degree in graphic design, I hadn’t taken digital scrapbooking seriously.  I couldn’t imagine it would look as good as the real thing—and I kind of enjoyed the tactile process of actually cutting, pasting, tearing, embossing, cropping, etc.  But Sara’s pages proved the former to be untrue.  As for the latter, well, why would I have to give it up?  I can still create traditional pages for framing, and use my supplies to make other craft projects, like cards.

Sara pointed me toward ScrapGirls, where she now works as a designer.  It’s a pretty amazing site and community, with loads of products, tutorials, a daily e-newsletter with freebies, and a set of free getting-started resources, including an intro to digital scrapbooking guide and a collection of papers and embellishments to experiment with.  I bought a bunch of supplies from ScrapGirls during their post-Christmas sale.  Then I began to hunt down more sites via Google.  I was delighted to come across Shabby Princess, which offers many free downloads to hook beginners like me.  The supplies are well-coordinated and simply stunning.  I’m currently exploring Two Peas in a Bucket, Jessica Sprague, and 3 Pixel Chicks. And while reading an issue of Scrapbooks, Etc., I came across an ad for DPI, the digital page of DCWV (the folks who make the cool paper “Stacks.”)

Digital scrapbooking is going to be a big part of my life in 2010—mastering it is one of my goals for the year.  It’s been challenging trying to re-learn Photoshop, which I haven’t used since college (aside from simple color correcting on photos), but I’m catching up fast.  It’s exciting.  If you’re a digital scrapbooker, please do leave a comment and share your tips and tricks.

***UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention another site that I adore!  If you don’t have a background in graphic design (and aren’t interested in learning or purchasing a program like Photoshop), you should definitely check out How Fast Time Flies. The site offers more than 600 beautiful pre-designed themed templates, with all those same realistic-looking embellishments I’m obsessing over (even little embroidered details).  Through the site’s Internet-based program, you simply drag and drop your photos and text, and then order a print of the completed page.  It’s superfast and makes you look like a brilliant digital scrapbooker.  :o)

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