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I’m changing “Link Lot” to “Friday Finds.” (I apparently love alliteration.) And I’ll be expanding on the links round-up, adding more photos and slightly longer descriptions.  I hope you’ll enjoy the Internet finds that have made me smile, laugh, cry, cheer, and otherwise be inspired this past week…

1. This new “Black Label” collection by Ban.do is gorgeous, but wow, do these photos add something! That hair is to die for. And the model is Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy, which is one of my favorites. This really can’t get any better. [Photo layout via Oh Joy!]

2. Cartoonist James Sturm is quitting the Internet (and blogging about it, ironically). Catch his bi-weekly installments of words and pictures on Slate.

3. Patchwork pillow lust. Must have this. Made by The Sometimes Crafter.

4. Author Donald Miller asks, “What If?” The same question novelists ask of their characters when writing a story is the most important question you should ask yourself in writing your life story. Do it.

5. Nomnomnom. Actually, I might not be able to eat cookies this cute. The little white nonpareils send me over the edge. [Via Oh Happy Day]

6. Imagine The Matrix with Will Smith as Neo. Now go see what the movie poster would have looked like, along with many more posters of movies as they were originally cast at MovieFone. [Via PopEater.]

7. Ever heard of anyone knitting graffiti? To promote Art Week Austin, the Knitta Please crew is yarnbombing light posts, street signs, and businesses. I love this lamppost in pink and green argyle.

8. The future is here, and it includes sewing machines that match thread to your fabric. Seriously. The technology combines white thread with CMYK color processing. Sweet, right!? [Via Craftzine]

9. I was heartbroken this week to learn of the death of Alicia Parlette, the 28-year-old copyeditor at the San Francisco Chronicle that had bravely blogged her journey living with a rare form of cancer. In an early post, she wrote: “If I get through this, this story will help me remember the important moments along the way, the details, the dizzying emotions. And, in the worst of all circumstances, if I go through this life-changing ordeal and my body just wears out and I die, I will die a writer. The one thing I’ve always wanted to be.” Alicia, you were a beautiful writer and a lovely person. Thank you for sharing your story.

10. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a million times already, but I love looking at wedding blogs. They’re always packed with beautiful photographs, stunning dresses, creative decor ideas, etc. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, I highly recommend hitting the wedding blogrolls. Anyway, I adore this rustic Washington wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. A barn, homemade jam, and loads of DIY touches… wish I could have been there.


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Omg, the challenge is almost over!  I can’t believe how many fun projects I’ve done, and how much I’ve learned over the last 30–er 45ish—days.  I’ve definitely noticed that as I went along, the projects became more and more challening.  “Thing” number twenty-nine is no exception: It was my first attempt at making jewelry.  I fell in love with this cute-as-a-button necklace on the Joy’s Hope blog, and the instructions were really easy.  I had to make a few adjustments, though, because I couldn’t find a necklace bail that looked anything like hers.  Some creative friends said I should be able to find them in craft stores, but I looked everywhere.  The bail I ended up purchasing at Michael’s is really large, as large as the button itself.  You could see the bail through the button holes.  So, I gessoed the center of the bail and covered the gesso spot with black paint.  That way, you see black through the button holes, not the bail.  I worried that putting paint between the two items would weaken the glue bond, so I left a border around the perimeter of the bail unpainted.  Hopefully that helped.  (Since I bought a pair of buttons, I may order one of those specially made bails on Etsy and make a second necklace where the button holes are really holes.)  But anyway, I think it turned out pretty cute!

Btw, I think Photo Booth is one of the coolest Mac programs ever.  So much easier than trying to photograph myself with a digital camera—having to twist my arm all funky and stay out of shadows and center my face in the frame and do 3,218 takes.

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Link Lot

What I’ve enjoyed on the Internet this past week…

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I’m getting a bit behind on my “things,” so I’m going to cheat a little right now. This is a photo of me today, but what’s creative is that I’m wearing new clothes I bought a few days ago. Whatever. I make the rules, I can change the rules! But, seriously, I do not consider myself a fashionable person, not even close. I rarely take the time to buy new clothes, and when I do, I try to buy really cheap clothes. And unless one is a savvy second-hander, cheap never equals fashionable. I have a closet full of generic jeans and solid-color polos and sweaters. So, “thing” number ten is my new outfit that cost me an arm and a leg but makes me look like I might have maybe, just maybe, an ounce of style.

I picked up some uberdark boot-cut Tommy Hilfiger jeans, a vintage-looking off-white Calvin Klein tunic (I wish you could see it all here—the details at the top are lovely), a basic but tailored black jacket, and a beaded flower headband for my hair. I wore it with dark brown shoes, which I’m sure is seven ways of wrong, but the pants were too long to wear with one of my black flats.  I’ll work on getting taller black shoes—or hemming my pants—another day.

Dressing well really does make a difference (I just feel better about myself in general), and I’d like to do it more often.  It’s just such an expensive hobby!  Any of you fashion-forward people have any tips on looking good on a tight budget?  Let me know!

***UPDATE: I just realized this “thing” does involve another flower.  I’m obsessed!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Even though Paul and I decided to not exchange gits for Valentine’s Day—opting instead for cards and a fun night out—I have begun campaigning for this necklace for Valentine’s Day 2011.  The Heartstrings Necklace, designed by Lisa Leonard, is one of the cutest examples I’ve seen of custom-designed, dog tag–style jewelry.  You can add up to four heartstrings and 30 characters to the sterling silver disk, and finish it off with a dangling pearl, if you’d like.  She also has some cool leather cuffs for men and name-stamped spoons for babies.  Be sure to check out her creativity-inspiring blog, too.

As for tonight, Paul and I will proceed with the plan to see the movie Valentine’s Day, even though it has been universally panned.  (It was even graded “F” by Entertainment Weekly.)  I love that he lets me pick chick flicks on V-Day dates; plus, I’ve seen everything else that’s playing.  Ah well, with extremely low expectations, it should exceed them.  Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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Beautiful Buttons

I’m kind of obsessing over buttons right now. Here are some of my favorite web finds. Top row: Button pillow by All Things White, and a buttoned-up flower vase cover via Design*Sponge.  Middle row: Button-embellished pillow boxes and gift tags by Made by Jackie, and a wool felt journal cover with vintage button flowers by the brilliant Princess Lasertron. Bottom row: Silk-screened kitty pillow with button eyes (how Coraline-esque!) by Naked Decor, and a tweed button hat from cool clothes heaven, Anthropologie.

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Uberhip local (East Bay, Cali) clothing store and website, Thriving Ink, teamed up with Wente Vineyards and acoustic rocker Megan Slankard for a party last week. And while I couldn’t make it, I loved browsing through Brian Wong’s Flickr gallery of photo booth-style shots from the night, complete with faux moustaches, plastic swords, and Harry Potter scarves. What fun!

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